Robin Barsantee | Coach

Robin Barsantee | Coach

Coach Robin Barsantee Ironman U Certified Coach / USAT Level 1 Certified Coach. Coach Robo has over 20 years of racing experience and has been educated by some cycling, running and triathlon best coaches.  Ironman certified, he has mastered the art analyzation of data to help you improve, not only in training but how to use technology to achieve peak race day performance.  He is a 9x Ironman finisher and continually finishes on the podium. 





Coach Robins Specialties:

  • First Time Ironman Finishers
  • Olympic Distance Podium Performances
  • Sprint Distance Podium Performances
  • First time Marathon Performances
  • USAT Age Group Championship Performances


My goal is to get the athlete ready for racing, quality over quantity. Most athletes have busy lifestyles and need to fit training around their already full schedules. With over 20 years of experience, becoming a triathlete isn't just about the day; it is about the journey and the lessons we learn about ourselves along the way. I work with athletes to create individual training programs based on each athlete’s goals to ensure optimal training, racing, and lifestyle.


“My aim as a triathlon coach is to build an environment which allows athletes to achieve their peak race performances. This is done by taking an athlete-centric approach which takes into account areas of the athlete's physiology, lifestyle, nutrition, work and family commitments, as well as short-term and long-term goals. I take a collaborative approach to ensure that the athlete is part of the planning process.
Just as each individual is unique, I believe training programs should reflect this. Each and every training program provided is customized based on the goals and feedback obtained from the athlete. Every athlete, regardless of ability, deserves to learn about his or her potential and explore his or her capabilities. With my 20 years of coaching experience comes the ability to quickly assess and target those developmental needs. In my programs, athletes tend to improve quickly initially and take further, greater steps after completing 2-3 annual training cycles. Every season we dig deeper into the finer points of training, psychology, sports nutrition, racing tactics and sports science.

As a coach I believe in continual development and have spent many years building my coaching knowledge, I am a certified Ironman Coach, certified bike fitter and continue to educate myself in both cycling power and run power analysis.
My journey as an athlete has spanned over 20 yrs.’, completing 9 Ironman Races and countless running, cycling and triathlons.

 “Coach has been instrumental in guiding me to accomplish goals that I couldn’t reach if I would not have had him design a program for me! I am a tough challenge as I tend to change distances or go from training for a sprint triathlon to a 6 hour TT Challenge within a month! Coach has kept me healthy when in the past I have been injury prone and has educated me on the need for proper nutrition for both racing and recovery!
I came to Coach Robo, a very confused and injured athlete in decline. I have been slowly gotten slower and slower in all three (swim, bike, and run), he has restructured everything from my stroke, bike mechanics and improved my run form to the point that I now can see the “old” me again! I couldn’t have done it without his encouragement, constant communication and belief in me has made me love training and racing again and even look forward to our 2018 calendar!
Lastly, we have become friends outside of our professional relationship, as he has with many of his athletes and I know he truly wants me to succeed and that is refreshing!”
- Erik Sjorgen -