Sarah Reinnertsen | Athlete Testimonial

Giddy Up Athlete

I am writing this recommendation for coach Michellie Jones, who has been coaching for over several decades.  I have been racing in triathlons since 2003 - and Michellie Jones is by far, the best coach I’ve ever had in this sport.  I am happy that she now applying for USAT coaching certification so that many more triathletes can work with an amazing coach like Michellie to help them reach their triathlon goals. 

Michellie Jones is a very knowledgeable coach for both short course and long course triathlon, but I worked with her mostly in my endeavors as a Paratriathlete competing on the US team in the sprint distance race.  Michellie's training programs made me faster and stronger in all 3 disciplines - shaving more than 10 minutes off my race time!  Her coaching style is unique for every athlete - she designs and customizes each training program so that the athlete can best strengthen their individual weakness.  She also would do many of the workouts with us, so she didn’t just give us a program she would run, bike or swim with us too. 

As a former pro triathlete, Michellie Jones also provides an expertise on racing and preparation that I have never found in another coach.  Michellie Jones not only raced as a pro, she also raced as a Paratriathlon guide in the 2016 games and continues to race an age-grouper - so she brings current and relevant race experience to her athletes.   As a member of the Australian Paratriathlon team, Michellie has had a unique opportunity to race and train with many different athletes with disabilities - and knows how to adapt workouts or training sessions for all athletes with and without disabilities.   Michellie Jones truly has a vast knowledge of triathlon, unparalleled to any other athlete or coach in the sport today.

Yours in sport,
Sarah Reinertsen