2020 Team Zoot Camp

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2020 Team ZOOT Spring Training Camp, presented by GiddyUp Multisport!! 

Dates: Wednesday, March 11th- Sunday, March 15th

Did you hear "ZOOT camp was AWESOME!"? ZOOT camp made a huge difference in my year!"?  Do you have the  "Treadmill/trainer winter blues"? Excited to be part of Team Zoot? Want swim, bike and run in Southern California? Want to get ready for the 2020 triathlon season??

Details coming soon, but we have running industry and founder of Newton nd designer of the new Zoot ULTRA TT shoe, Danny Abshire coming to help with all your running mechanics.

Team ZOOT Spring Camp: $399
Register before January 1st save $50 use code EARLYBIRD
LIMITED to the first 50 athletes

If you have any questions, please reach out to Coach Robin

Email:     coachrobospin13@gmail.com

Cell:        760.402.7626

LocationCarlsbad, California. The town that Sunset Magazine rated as one of the “20 Game Changing Places to Live” saying: “If towns were people, Carlsbad would be that friend you want to hate but can’t help admiring: smart, sporty, really good-looking, and ambitious.” Carlsbad is 36 miles north of the San Diego International Airport and 53 miles south of John Wayne Airport (in Irvine, California).

GiddyUp Multisports Coaches:

Coach Michellie aka MJ

  • 31 years of triathlon experience and more than 20 years of coaching.
  • Ironman Certified Coach 
  • USAT Level 1 Certified Coach
  • Hall of Fame - Sport Australia Hall of Fame
  • ITU Hall of Fame
  • Triathlon Australia Hall of Fame
  • Ironman Hall of Fame
  • Ironman World Champion 2006
  • Olympic Silver Medalist 2002
  • Gold Medalist Paralympics - Guide
  • Order of Australia Medal -AM
  • 2 x ITU World Champion
  • 2 x ITU Age Group Sprint Triathlon 45-49 
  • 2x Para Triathlon World Champion-Guide
  • Xterra World Champion 
  • 2017 Ride Triathlon Team Coach of the Year

 Coach Robin aka Coach Robo

  • 23 years of triathlon/12 years of coaching 
  • Ironman Certified Coach
  • USAT Level 1 Certified Coach
  • Training Peaks Level 2 Certified Coach
  • Training Peaks Power Certified Coach
  • Stryd Run Power Lever 2 Coach
  • 20 years of racing experience
  • 10 years of coaching all abilities from completely your first triathlon to podium ITU World Champions and Kona qualifiers.

Training Schedule: TBD

Wednesday, March 11th

4:30pm: Travel Day fun run

5pm: Get to know your teammates dinner

Thursday, March 12th

7am-8:45am: Swim analysis and drills

9am-11am: Run Drills, analysis with Danny Abshire

11am-12pm: Functional Strength

12pm-1:30pm: Lunch

1:45-3pm:  Bike handling skills/transition work

3pm-4:45pm: Ride down beautiful San Diego coast.

5:30pm: Dinner-guest speaker: Bob Babbit

Friday, March 13th

7am-8:45am: Swim drills, analysis

9am-11:45pm: Ride-Oceanside bike path- San Luis Ray 

12pm-1:30: Lunch

1:45-3pm: Run 60 min run

3:15-5pm: Functional Strength

5:30pm: Dinner-guest speaker: Mike Reilly

Saturday, March 14th

8am-9:45am: Swim Drills

10am: Drive to Coronado

11am-1pm: Ride SuperSeal Bike course

1pm-2pm: Lunch

2:15pm-3:15pm: EZ Run

3:15-4pm: Race registration

5pm: Dinner

Sunday, March 15th

SuperSeal Sprint/Olympic Triathlon

Registration: $135- Team Zoot will receive a $15 discount

Discount codes: 





Surf House, Encinitas, CA: Surf House is a Boutique Hotel in funky Leucadia (only 5 EZ miles up the coast from ZOOT HQ).  surfhouseadventures.com

Rates: $175 for week nights and $190 for Friday/Saturday before taxes and fees.

6 Queen Beds (all individual rooms) 

1 Bunk Room (4 XL twin beds on one room)

Check out their Instagram: 


And, offers a great local coffee shops, Local beer tasting and great resultants.  If you are booking on your own, please visit the website at www.surfhouseadventures.com/book-now

Email: Nikki Harth: 


Phone: 760.545.5033

HolidayInn Express and Suites Carlsbad- 2 miles away from Zoot HQ

751 Raintree Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92011


Cape Rey Hilton Carlsbad- 3 miles away from Zoot HQ


1 Ponto Rd, Carlsbad CA 92011


AirBnB: Carlsbad offers some great homes for AirBnb and if you really want to get to know your fellow Team Zooters, rent a home during camp in beachside Carlsbad Village.

Retul bike fitting: 

We are lucky to have expert Retul bike fitter Nate Koch available through out the week and is offering fitting to all of Team Zoot.

Nate's philosophy is: "Speed is a byproduct of comfort and sustainability. We want to understand how your body functions most optimal and allow it to do that naturally. It is when the body is forced into positions and made to do unnatural movements that discomfort and injuries occur. The only pain you should feel on the bike is the pain you inflict upon yourself. Your saddle should feel great majority of the time, nothing should be going numb and you shouldn’t have any neck, back,  shoulder or knee pain."  After five years of bike fitting and several thousand bike fit I have learned not just how to use a fancy motion capture machine, but more importantly what changes to make when riders express certain issues. When your body shifts forward, back or up and down it is trying to tell us where it wants to be and we just have to know how to listen.

Nate's Retul bike fitting rate is normally $350- Team Zoot rate $250, $325 with custom insoles  To schedule a fitting please email Nate at actasif@gmail.com.

To pay for a Retul bike fit: PayPal: actasif@gmail.com

Support: ALL the sessions are fully supported. Rides will be sagged with nutrition, hydration, mechanical support and directions.

Weather: Yes, SoCal is beautiful this time of year but it still is a high desert, so can be chilly mornings and cool evenings.  Be prepared for both warm and cold weather. Pack you thermal cycling jacket, base-layer, gloves, arm and knees warmers.  


 -Can I attend if I am new to the team:

Of course-one of the many purposes is to met and get to know other teams members no matter what your skill level is.


-Do I need a rental car?

We do encourage that you do rent a car, campers are responsible for their own transportation to and from the airport, as well as, team functions.

-Can I send my bike prior to camp?  Yes, we will have a bike mechanic.  The charge to have your bike built and then boxed after the week is $180.  If you want to ship your bike, we suggest Bike Flights and shipped directly to the shop. Please email us for further information.

-Can we purchase ZOOT clothing during the week!  YES!  We will have several meeting points at ZOOT HQ and will be able to pick it all your orders at HQ.